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The Boogeyman GWing Style:

Um... It's kinda Alternate Universe. Duo's 28, he's married to Sally Po, Quatre is a shrink Duo goes to see, and find out what's going on with Heero, Wufei, and Trowa.

The Boogeyman By Shanu

"I came to you because I want to tell my story," the man on Dr. Winner's couch was saying. The man was Duo Maxwell from L2 colony. According to the history taken from Nurse Noin, he was twenty-eight, employed by an industrial firm on L1, divorced, and father of three children. All deceased.

"I can't go to a priest because I'm not catholic. I can't go to a lawyer because I haven't done anything to consult a lawyer about. All I did was kill my kids. One at a time. Killed them all."

Dr. Winner turned on the tape recorder.

Duo lay straight as a yardstick on the couch, not giving it an inch of himself. His feet protruded stiffly over the end. Picture of a man enduring necessary humiliation. His hands were folded corpse like on his chest. His face was carefully set. He looked at the plain white composition ceiling as if seeing scenes and pictures played out there.

"Do you mean you actually killed them, or-"

"No." Impatient flick of the hand. "But I was responsible. Wufei in A.C 202. Trowa in A.C 206. And Heero this year. I want to tell you about it."

Dr. Winner said nothing. He thought Duo looked haggard and old. His long chestnut hair was thinning, his complexion sallow. His eyes held all the miserable secrets of whiskey.

" They were murdered see? Only no one believes that. If they would, things would be alright."

" Why is that?"


Duo broke off and darted up on his elbows, staring across the room. "What's that?" he barked. His violet eyes had narrowed into black slots.

"What's what?"

"That door."

"The closet," Dr. Winner said. "Where I hang my coat and leave my overshoes."

"Open it. I want to see"

Dr. Winner got up wordlessly, crossed the room, and opened the closet. Inside, a tan raincoat hung on one of the four or five hangers. Beneath that was a pair of shiny galoshes.. The New Colony Times had been carefully tucked into one of them. That was all.

"All right?" Dr. Winner said.

"All right." Duo removed the props of his elbows and returned to his previous position.

"You were saying," Dr. Winner said as he went back to his chair, "that if the murder of your three children could be proved, all your troubles would be over. Why is that?"

"I'd go to jail" Duo said immediately. "For life. And you can see into all the rooms in jail. All the rooms." He smiled at nothing.

"How were your children murdered?"

"Don't try to jerk it out of me!"

Duo twicthed around and stared balefully at Quatre Winner.

"I'll tell you, don't worry. I'm not one of your freaks struting around and pretending to be Napoleon or explaining that I got hooked on heroin because my mother didn't love me. I know you won't believe me. I don't care. It doesn't matter. Just to tell will be enough."

"All right." Quatre got out his pipe.

"I was married to Sally in A.C. 200- i was twenty one and she was eighteen. She was pregnant. That was Wufei." His lips twisted in a rubbery, frightening grin that was gone in a wink. "I had to leave college and get a job, but I didn't mind. I loved both of them. We were very happy. Sally got pregnant just a little while after Wufei was born, and Trowa came along in December of A.C. 201. Heero came in the summer of A.C. 204, and Wufei was already dead by then. Heero was an accident. That's what Sally said. She said sometimes that birth-control doesn't work. I think that it was more than an accident. Children tie a man down you know. Women like that, especially when the man is brighter than they. Don't you find that's true?"

Quatre grunted noncommittally.

"It doesn't matter though. I loved him anyway." He said it almost vengefully, as if he loved the child to spite his wife.

"Who killed the children?" Quatre asked.

"The Boogeyman" Duo Maxwell answered immediately. "The Boogeyman killed them all. Just came out of the closet and killed them." He twisted around and grinned. "You think I'm crazy, all right. It's written all over you. But I don't care. All I want to do is tell you and then get lost."

"I'm listening." Quatre said.

"It started when Wufei was almost two and Trowa was just an infant. He started crying when Sally put him to bed. We had a two-bedroom place, see. Trowa slept in a crib in our room. At first I thought he was crying because he didn't have a bottle to take to bed anymore. Sally said don't make an issue of it, let it go, let him have it and he'll drop it on his own. But that's the way kids start off bad. You get permissive with them, spoil them. Then they break your heart. Get some girl knocked up, you know, and start shooting dope. Or they get to be sissies. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and finding your kid- your son- is a sissy?

"After a while, though, when he didn't stop, I started putting him to bed myself. And if he didn't stop crying I'd give him a whack. Then Sally said he was saying 'light' over and over again. Well, I didn't know. Kids that little, how can you tell what they're saying. Only a mother can tell.

"Sally wanted to put in a nightlight. One of those wall-plug things with Mickey Mouse or Huckleberry Hound or something on it. I wouldn't let her. If a kid doesn't get over being afraid of the dark when he's little, he'll never get over it.

"Anyway, he died the summer after Trowa was born. Iput him to bed that night and he started to cry right off. I heard what he said that time. He pointed right at the closet when he said it.. 'Boogeyman,' the kid says. 'Boogeyman, Daddy.'

"I turned off the light and went into our room and asked Sally why she wanted to teach the kid a word like that. I was tempted to slap her around a little, but I didn't. She said she never taught him to say that. I called her a stupid liar.

"That was a bad summer for me, see. The only job I could get was loading Pepsi-Cola trucks in a warehouse, and I was tired all the time. Trowa would wake up and cry every night and Sally would pick him up and sniffle. I tell you, sometimes I felt like throwing them both out the window. Christ, kids could drive you crazy sometimes. You could kill them.

"Well, the kid woke me up at three in the morning, right on schedule. I went to the bathroom, only a quarter awake, you know, and Sally asked me if I'd check on Wufei. I told her to do it herself and went back to bed. I was almost asleep when she started to scream.

"I got up and went in. The kid was dead on his back. Just as white as the floor except where the blood had...had sunk. Back of the legs, the head, that a-the buttocks. His eyes were open. That was the worst you know. Wide open and glassy, like the eyes you see on a moosehead some guy put over his mantel. Like those pictures you see of those kids in the Vietnam war. But a colony kid sholdn't look like that. Dead on his back. Wearing diapers and rubber pants because he'd been wetting himself again the last couple weeks. Awful, I loved that kid."

Duo shook his head slowly, then offered the rubbery frightening grin again. "Sally was screaming her head off. She tried to pick up Wufei and rock him, but I wouldn't let her. The cops don't like you to touch any of the evidence. I know that-"

"Did you know it was a boogeyman then? Quatre asked quietly.

"Oh,no. Not then. But I did see one thing. It didn't mean anything to me then, but my mind stored it away."

"What was that?"

"The closet door was open. Not much. Just a crack. But I knew I left it shut, see. There's dry cleaning bags in there. A kid messes around with one of those and bango. Asphyxiation. You know that?"

"Yes. What happened then?"

Duo Shrugged. "We planted him." He looked morbidly at his hands, which had thrown dirt on three tiny coffins.

"Was there an inquest?"

"Sure." Duo's eyes flashed with sardonic brilliance. "Some back-country freak with a stethoscope and a black bag full of Junior mints and a sheep skin from some cow college. Crib death, he called it! You ever hear such a pile of yellow manure? The kid was three years old!"

"Crib death is most common during the first year," Quatre said carefully, "but that diagnosis has gone on death certificates for children up to age five for want of a better-"

"That's bull!" Duo spat out violently.

Quatre relit his pipe.

"We moved Trowa into Wufei's old room a month after the funeral. Sally fought tooth and nail, but I had the last word. It hurt me, of course it did. Jesus, I loved having the kid in with us. But you can't get overprotective. You make a kid cripple that way. When I was a kid my mom used to take me to the beach and then scream herself hoarse. 'Don't go out so far! Don't go there! It's got an undertow! You only ate an hour ago! Don't go over your head!' Even watch out for sharks, before God. So what happens? I can't even go near the water now. It's the truth. I get cramps if I go near the beach. Sally got me to take her and the kids there once when Wufei was alive. I got sick as a dog. I know, see? You can't overprotect kids. And you can't coddle yourself either. Life goes on. Trowa went right into Wufei's crib. We sent the old mattress to the dump, though. I didn't want my boy to get any germs.

"So a year goes by. And one night when I'm putting Trowa into his crib he starts to scream and cry. 'Boogeyman, Daddy, boogeyman, boogeyman!'

"That started a jump into me. It was just like Wufei. And I started to remember about that closet door, open just a crack when we found him. I wanted to take him into our room for the night."

"Did you?"

"No." Duo regarded his hands and his face twitched. "How could I go to Sally and admit I was wrong? I had to be strong. She was always such a jelly fish... look how easy she went to bed with me when we weren't married."

Quatre said, "On the other hand, look how easily you went to bed with her."

Duo froze in the act of rearranging his hands and slowly turned his head to look at Quatre. "Are you trying to be a wise guy?"

"No, indeed," Quatre said.

"Then let me tell it my way," Duo snapped. "I came here to get this off my chest. To tell my story. I'm not going to talk about my sex life, if that's what you expect. Sally and I ahd a very normal sex life, with none of that dirty stuff. I know it gives some people a charge to talk about that, but I'm not one of them."

"Okay" Quatre said.

"Okay" Duo echoed with uneasy arrogance. He seemed to have lost the thread of his thought, and his eye wandered uneasily to the closet door, which was firmly shut.

"Would you like that open?" Quatre asked.

"NO!" Duo said quickly. He gave a nervous little laugh.

"What do I want to look at your overshoes for?

"The boogeyman got Trowa, too," Duo said. He brushed at his forehead, as if sketching memories. " A month later. But something happened before that. I heard a noise in there one night. And then he screamed. I opened the door real quick... the hall light...and...she was sitting up in the crib crying and...something moved. Back in the shadows, by the closet. Something slithered."

"Was the closet door open?"

"A little. Just a crack." Duo licked his lips. Trowa was screaming about the Boogeyman. And something else that sounded like 'claws'. Only he said 'craws,' you know. Little kids have trouble with that 'l' sound. Sally ran upstairs and asked what the matter was. I said she got scared by the shadows of the branches moving on the ceiling."

"Crawset?" Quatre said.


"Crawset...closet. Maybe she was trying to say 'closet.'"

"Maybe," Duou said. "Maybe that was it. But i don't think so. I think it was 'claws.'" His eyes began seeking the closet door again. "Claws, long claws." His voice sunk to a whisper.

"Did you look in the closet?"



sorry...i get a litle carried away sometimes.