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Lauren's Skater Page It's lauren's tribute to her obsession.
5 twisted Minds A page where my friends and I share our insane minds.
Jamie's Japanese anime page It's a little under construction, but It'll be great when it's up and running!!!
AnimeJosu's siteThis is my friend Joshua's page. He's a little annoyed with me because my page is better than his, but that's okay. It's pretty good.

Anime-animeThis is a really cool site. U have to check it out!!!!!
Bluemunckin's DomainThis is my best friend's site. She's a weirdo, but the webpage is good. It even has some anime on it.
Lim's webpage!
Anime city home of LEO-GOD
Anime Unleashed
Coobics Directory
Anime Jen's Place This page is good. I love the background. And the gallleries are worth looking at.
Crimson's Final Fantasy Realm U will luv this site if u like final fantasy. This person's inspired me to put fianl fantasy on my new website (which is right below this one).
Crimson Fire's Domain Now don't u go getting me mixed up with the other Crimson. This is my new website. I think you'll like it. Anyway, please check it out and sign my guestbook.