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Anime shanu's Updates
Pics and Gifs!!!!!
JULY 8,2000: I have updated my photo page!!! It now has more pics in it. there will be more coming soon!

JULY 18,2000: I have put up 2 more pic pages. Tenchi and Gundam Wing.

AUGUST 15,2000: Good News!!!! I've just put up 2 new pic pages!!! Sailormoon and Dbz are up and running. So enjoy!!!

AUGUST 16,2000: Put up my guestbook.I want to get started on my next pic page, but I don't know what anime show to use. Help me out?

OCTOBER 10,2000: Sorry I haven't updated in so long, but School work keeps getting in my way. I've updated the DBZ and Gundam Wing Pages. That's all for now.

NOVEMBER 2,2000: I just put up my Fatal fury Page. I'm now going to try to put up some video clips.

JANUARY 8, 2001: Wow. Sorry I haven't updated in so long. Anyway, The Sailormoon, Tenchi Muyo, and DBZ pages are updated.

FEBUARY 2, 2001: I didn't update really. I just added a link and put up a different character this month. i will be updating again this month. possibly next week.

FEBUARY 4, 2001: I updated the DBZ pics. Since it's trunks month, they're all him!!! Anyway, i need help picking out who should be the next character of the mnoth.

MARCH 1, 2001: Well, I've finally updated my Tenchi Muyo Pics. I plan on updating DBZ and Sailormoon soon so please don't hurt me. It's ryo-oki month because Trunks had it last month.

APRIL 5, 2001: I've updated my entire site. It's Duo Month now. You have to check out my DBZ Page.

APRIL 11, 2001: I finally decided to get rid of the fatal fury page. If anyone liked it I apologize, but I needed someplace to put the dbz gifs.

MAY 7, 2001: Well, it's now Sailor Mars month, I've updated the Sailormoon page with some gifs. More to come next month. Hopefully i can get some tenchi muyo gifs.

JULY 11, 2001: Wow. It's been a while since i updated this page. Sorry for the wait. My computer decided that it was mad at the world so it made sure that i couldn't go online. Anyway, I put up a fanfic. It's in progress and I'd like your feed back. I'll be updating all my other pics and gifs soon.

OCTOBER 11, 2001: Wow. It's been a long time. Sorry to keep u waiting. I've been working on my new website. I have a new name too. Crimson Fire!!!! Cool right? Anyway, I plan on making some major updates to this site. I know you're all sick of Achika month by now. Don't worry. U won't be waiting too long.

Krillen's really anxious to get those fanfics. So if any of you would like to submit any please please please send some to me!!! If you don't, he might swallow another dragonball. (gomen, but he looks like he swallowed the six star dragonball)